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The best-selling wedding cakes without sugar in Ireland

Jul 9, 2017 4:22:52 AM / by Francisco

We compiled a list of the top 5 best selling Irish sugarless wedding cakes! We surveyed some of the bakeries we mentioned in our blog post about where to find sugar free wedding cakes in Ireland, and came up with this list of favorites.

If you're planning a wedding cake with a diabetic guest, perhaps you'll feel inspired by the contents of this list when the time comes to choose the cake! 🍰 😁

  1. Non-Sugar Fondant Traditional Wedding Cake

    wedding cake without sugar - traditional fondantYou can't fight tradition when it comes to wedding cakes! This classic style cake is decorated with sugarless fondant, giving it the appearance of any traditional wedding cake you might encounter, while hiding the fact that no sugar was used to bake or decorate it!

    This is also a very good option for using only a single sugar-free cake tier, blending perfectly with the rest of a normal fondant cake, which easily makes it one of the best selling wedding cakes without sugar in Ireland.
  2. Naked Cake Without Sugar

    wedding cake without sugar in irelandWith a more rustic design, naked cakes immediately draw attention to the cake's natural texture and filling. The good thing about this type of decoration is that you can choose any filling you want, and instantly change the look and feel of the entire cake.

    When going "sugar free", minimizing the frosting or outer decoration of your cake will certainly help, especially if you have a diabetic guests attending your wedding who might be minding the portion sizes of what they eat. 

  3. Chocolate Biscuit Zero Sugar Wedding Cake

    best selling wedding cake without sugar in irelandThis cake is a chocolate lover's lover's dream.

    Layers are filled with buttercream, drizzled with caramel and chocolate ganache, then topped with glistening candied pecans.

  4. Sugar Free Rainbow Wedding Cake

    best selling wedding cake without sugarWhether you're planning a more relaxed ceremony, celebrating diversity, adding a bit of colour to your wedding or just for fun, this wedding cake is gaining popularity quickly. 

    Perhaps it won't be your main cake for the wedding, but sugar free rainbow cakes will surely get people talking!

  5. Sugarless Cupcake Wedding Cake

    wedding cake without sugar in ireland cupcakesOf all the wedding cakes without sugar in this list, you'd think there's no way this one qualifies. But it certainly does!

    The fun design of this cake gives the illusion of tiers, by displaying what essentially is a mountain of sugarless cupcakes! The top tier is a vanilla sponge cake with a fondant decoration made without processed sugars.
    Photo by "Tremendous Cakes".


See the entire list of bakeries offering diabetic-friendly wedding cakes in Ireland, plus pricing options, decorations and sizes in our 
guide to sugar free wedding cakes in Ireland!

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Written by Francisco

I have a permanent craving for delicious sweets, but I'm also careful about my health. I write about the mindful satisfying of my sweet tooth, in hopes of inspiring people just like me. You can learn more about sweet and healthy foods from our Alternative Bakery at

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