A sugarless bakery in Dublin 🍰🍀

Sugarless Bakeries Dublin

Maria Castro


After a decade working as a graphic designer, I decided to give one of my favourite hobbies a professional spin.

So I transitioned into the wonderful world of baking! I'm half Italian, half Latina (all the way from Uruguay), and currently living in Ireland.

I love baking cakes, cupcakes and other pastries from scratch, always keeping in mind that "healthy" and "tasty" can absolutely co-exist. Welcome to Dublin Sweets!

We specialize in alternative dietary requirements.

All of our baked goods can be custom ordered to be either:
  • Sugar free
Get all that wonderful sweetness without any glucose.
  • Vegan friendly
Raw or cooked suffering-free yummy alternatives.
  • Gluten sensitive
Get all that wonderful sweetness without any glucose.

Got any special requests?
Let's talk!

Dublin Sweets saved my wedding. My husband is diabetic, and I didn't want him to miss out on any of the traditional wedding rituals, many of which revolve around food. Finding a cake that he (and everyone else) could enjoy was something I struggled with, until I tasted the sugar free fondant cake from Dublin Sweets. The search was over!

Lisa Customer, Co. Dublin