Healthy is tasty.

Satisfy your sweet tooth while minding your health.

Focusing on alternative diets

They say you are what you eat; and we want you to be sweeter. But never at the expense of your health. Our products are specifically designed and baked with special dietary requirements in mind. The main categories we are currently offering are: sugar-free, vegan-friendly and gluten-sensitive. We are absolutely open to customizing your order if you need anything different.

Budget conscious

Eating healthy sweet treats shouldn't have to cost more. Your special dietary requirement shouldn't be a burden on your budget and wallet. Sure, some ingredients will cost more, but we promise we will never charge extra for preparing something that's customized to your health-related eating habits!
Dublin Sweets saved my wedding. My husband is diabetic, and I didn't want him to miss out on any of the traditional wedding rituals, many of which revolve around food. Finding a cake that he (and everyone else) could enjoy was something I struggled with, until I tasted the sugar free fondant cake from Dublin Sweets. The search was over!

Lisa Customer, Co. Dublin